It is important to gain access to you university email immediately. ENMU facculty, the IT helpdesk, and the ENMU Dual Enrollment Coordinator will not respond to messages from your personal email.

Accessing University Email

Note: You are expected to use your university email to contact the instructor for your course. Do not attempt to contact your instructor from a high school or personal email account. Faculty are not obligated to respond to non-university emails claiming to be a student in their class. Understand that this is to protect your privacy.

Step 1: Log In

Log in to your MyENMU Portal using your log in credentials.

Step 2: Click the Outlook Link

Access your e-mail through the MyENMU Portal by clicking on the envelope symbol. Remember that you may be prompted with a Multi-Factor Authentication Request if you are logging in from an off campus location.

*If you need additional information, click on the Login instructions/tutorials on the MyENMU Portal page



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