Download the Dual Enrollment Registration Form Here to complete this tutorial.

Registration Form (Guide)

This registration guide will walk you through completing the State of New Mexico Dual Enrollment Registration form.

Important Note: Accuracy and legibility are required on this form. A failure to submit completed forms with accurate and legible information results in errors on the student account. Please review the registration submission thoroughly before submitting it. A registration form is required each semester, regardless of prior participation.

Step 1-Find Available Courses

High school students should always consult with their dual enrollment representative regarding which courses they should enroll in for the semester.

  • MOU agreements limit which courses are available to the student. Both the student and the high school dual enrollment representative are responsible for determining whether they meet the prerequisites for specific classes.

  • Prerequisites are listed in several locations on the ENMU webpage, as well as the online course schedule.

  • English and Math Placement guides are included in the high school administrator page of the dual enrollment portal.

  • Based on the students IEP / Next Step Plan, select courses appropriate for the student's degree or career goals.

Step 2- Complete Student Information Section

  • Select the "Summer," "Fall," or "Spring" checkbox to indicate which semester the students is enrolling in. Also, type the current year under "School Year" and the last day to drop the course under "Last Day to Drop."

  • Drop dates are found under the Dual Enrollment deadline and Important Dates page.

  • Complete all fields with student information. The "Social Security Numbers" and "Ethnicity" fields are the only fields that are not mandatory. Incomplete student information will not be accepted.

Step 3-Check Course Availability

  • Visit the Online Course Schedule to search for available class sections

  • Click the drop-down next to "Term" and select the semester of interest. Ensure that the "Campus" dropdown says "Portales."

  • Press the "Search" button.

  • The class schedule search allows several options for custom class searches:

    • The "Subject" field allows the user to select class subject codes. The "Course Number" field allows students to search by the course number. For example, users looking for ENGL 1110 courses would select ENGL under the "subject" drop-down and type "1110" under the course number.

    • CRN input allows users to search by the course registration number.

    • "Instructional Method" allows students to search for courses by instructional method, i.e., Web (Online), Classroom (In-Person), and other available formats.

    • Note: The most effective way to check course offerings is to search by Subject, Course Number, and Course Level as "Undergraduate." Likewise, users can search by subject alone to see the complete listing of courses under a specific category.

  • Click "Search" to view courses by your filter criteria, or "Reset" to reset the screen to default.

  • The search button returns a list of available courses with the following:

    • Status: Listed as Open, Waitlist, or Closed

    • CRN: Unique Course Identifier

    • Section Number: Unique Section Identifier

    • Credits & Meeting Time Information: Credit Hours and Meeting Days/ Times

    • Capacity (Cap), Remaining Slots (Rem): Maximum Students and Remaining Slots

    • Instructor, Course Dates (Dates), and Session Type (Weeks): Shows the instructor for the course, the course dates for the class, and the course week format (16-week session, 1st 8-week session, or 2nd 8-week session)

  • Find an open course with available slots. Document the Course Subject, Number, CRN, Section Number, and Credits to add to your registration form.

Important Note: This search only lists the online and campus courses made available to all ENMU students. For hybrid-online and HS campus courses, contact the dual enrolment coordinator for course registration information.

  • Important: For additional course information such as course fees not paid through dual enrollment and contact information for the instructor, select the underlined CRN number. You will see a complete description of the course information on the next screen. Assigned instructors will also have their university email listed under the course description. Note that drop dates and withdrawal dates vary for dual enrollment students. When in doubt, visit the Dual Enrollment Deadlines and Important Dates page to check the latest date you can drop or withdraw.


Step 4- Add Registration Information to the Course Listing Section.

  • Input the course information into their fields on the form.

    • "CRN goes" under schedule #

    • "Course Number" is the Subject and Course Number combined

    • Section Number

    • Course Title

    • Location

    • Higher Education Credits (varies by course)

    • High School Credits (1 credit)

STEP 5- Other Information

  • Representatives should attach applicable ACT/ SAT/ or Accuplacer Scores when submitting the registration form. They should also submit a copy of your Next Step Plan or IEP and a copy of the high school transcript.


Step 6- FERPA Release Information/ Agreement of Parties/ Signatures & Submission

  • All parties (Parent or Guardian, Student, and the Dual Enrollment Representative) should review the "FERPA Release Information" on Page 1 and the "Agreement of Parties" on Page 2 of the registration form.

  • The form requires signatures from the High School Representative, the Student, and a Parent/ Guardian before submission. Public School Students who are legally emancipated or 18 years old may submit the form without a Parent/ Guardian signature.

  • The dual enrollment representative should send the completed and signed form to the ENMU Portales Dual Enrollment Coordinator at before the university registration deadline.




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