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New students are required to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to access their ENMU account if they are off the ENMU network. The full MFA tutorial is available online under Student MFA http://enmu.edu/newstudent  .

What is MFA?

MFA helps keep student information private and confidential by using a second method to verify your log in. MFA is required for accessing various parts of the ENMU system including: email, Microsoft 365, and the MyENMU Portal. You will need to authenticate using MFA the first time you login from a new device and every 7 days thereafter.

What Happens if I lose the device I was using for MFA?

Contact the ENMU ITS Helpdesk by phone at 575.562.4357 or email help.desk@enmu.edu. ITS to you with adding your MFA to a new phon, disabling an old phone's access to MFA, and temporary assistance to login one time without MFA.

Setting Up MFA For The First Time

As a new user, you will be asked to enroll in MFA the first time you log into your email. We recommend that you do this process on a computer rather than a mobile device.

Step 1:

Verify your username to the left of @sd.enet.enmu.edu and click Next. Contact the helpdesk if it is showing the wrong username.

Step 2:

Select an authentication method in the first drop down box under Step 1. Currently you can use Mobile app or phone authentication.

Mobile app (Recommended Method):

Select Mobile app in the drop-down box.

Once the code has been scanned, your smartphone should display an Accounts screen that will show your username@sd.enet.enmu.edu

Click on your username and verify that the app shows a six-digit "One-time password code". If you see a six-digit code on your phone, click the blue "Next" button on your computer. The MFA website on your computer will let you know that it is sending a test authentication to your device. You will receive a test-authentication on your phone that will look like the below picture:

After successfully responding to the test authentication, you will be prompted to enter additional security verification.

Choose your country in the drop-down box and type in your phone number in the text box to the right of the drop-down box. Click the Done Button.

If you receive anerror after clicking "Done", click on "Refresh the page" link. The webpage redirects you back to your inbox which in some instances can trigger an error.

Phone Authentication:

Select Authentication phone in the first drop-down box. Then click the "Select your country or region" drop-down box and click on your country. In the text box to the right of the country, enter your phone number. Finally select if you want a phone call or a text message to authenticate your account.


Congratulations! Your account is now secured with MFA.

When you log into an MFA protected service at ENMU for the first time or it has been seven days since you last authorized that device, you will be prompted with the "Approve sign-in?" screen like you received during the test authentication. If you are logging into an ENMU system when you receive the notification, click Approve. If you are not logging in, click Deny and contact the helpdesk to report the date and time of the unauthorized login attempt.

Remember, if you need assistance or have questions, you may contact Help Desk by phone at 575-562-4357  or via email at: Help.Desk@enmu.edu.


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