School districts normally purchase required textbooks for public school students. 

If districts are unwilling to fund textbooks or a the student is home-schooled, enrolled in a private or charter school, the parent/guardian is responsible for purchasing the required textbooks.
ENMU-Portales will not purchase textbooks for dual enrollment students.

Book Orders for School Districts

Step 1: Visit the Bookstore webpage for the bookstore manager's contact information:

Step 2: Follow the bookstore manager's instructions to set up purchase orders for your high school.

Document the appropriate course subject code, course number, and section number so that they can look up the appropriate textbooks for your student.

Step 3: If you are curious about the ISBN and edition, you can also search for this information on the bookstore webpage:

Book Ordering Instructions for Parents/Guardians

Step 1: Student Logs Into Their MyENMU Account and Visits Their SSB (Self-Service Banner)

Click the SSB Icon on the MyENMU Launchpad

Step 2: Click "My Information"

Step 3: Scroll Down to the Links Listed Under "Registration" and Click "Order Books"

Step 4: Select the correct Term, Then Click "Show Classes"

Step 5: Follow the Remaining On-screen Directions to Visit the Barnes & Noble Bookstore Webpage and Order the Textbooks.

Student, parents, and guardians have the option of writing down the information for the correct books and ordering from another book service, if they desire.


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