This tutorial covers several areas of account access for new students. Video tutorials include walkthroughs on account activation, log in, and basic MyENMU Portal navigation.


Student Account Access and Activation

After ENMU completes the student's registration, high school representatives will receive instructions for helping them access the courses and university systems. Early access is crucial to ensure  success. As a priority, dual enrollment representatives should prioritize assisting new students with accessing their accounts and courses. 


New Account Setup and Accessing the ENMU Portal

Step 1: Receive an ENMU ID

After registration, your high school dual enrollment representative will receive instructions for assisting students with your account setup. Returning students can simply log in with their existing credentials.

Step2:  Visit the MyENMU Portal Link

Click on the MyENMU Portal link on the top left-hand side of the main ENMU webpage. You can also reach this page by visiting

Step 3: New User Account Link

Click on the "New user? Activate your account" link

Step 4: Complete Account Set-up

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account setup. Read and agree to the user agreement. Students can use either their STARS ID or ENMU ID number to activate the account. Have the student document the login information provided for them after they finish the form.

Step 5:  Log In With the Account Information

Have the student go back to the MyENMU Portal page and log in using the provided user name and password.





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