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Mediasite Guide


About Mediasite

Mediasite is a video recording tool designed for use in academic settings. Unlike typical video hosting platforms (e.g. YouTube), Mediasite broadcasts two simultaneous media streams: One for full-motion video (typically a camera shot); and one showing a series of still images (typically captured from a computer display). Mediasite also has the ability to live stream video content.


Viewing Requirements

In order to view Mediasite content, you need to have a broadband internet connection with a recommended bandwidth of 4.5 Mbps (minimum speed 750 kbps) and a compatible web-enabled device. See the Live Streaming and Recorded Content sections below for their specific requirements.
We strongly recommend you Test Your Connection and Device now.

Note 1: We cannot currently guarantee compatibility with all Linux-based systems. If you are restricted to using a Linux machine we recommend that you refer to this article about using Mediasite with Linux

Note 2: Because of the detailed visual content of our classes and the small screen size available, we do not recommend any smartphones as viewing devices


Live Streaming

You can stream Mediasite content live using any web browser with Microsoft Silverlight enabled, or via an Apple iOS mobile device. Mediasite is now using a different file format to compensate for browsers discontinuing support for the Silverlight plugin, however we recommend you still download and install Silverlight on your device.


Recorded Content

You can view previously recorded content using any of the above devices, or via an HTML5 compatible browser that supports h.264 video playback.

Test your browser's compatibility with HTML5.


Browser Recommendations

Windows: We recommend Firefox as the most robust browser to use with Mediasite. Internet Explorer and Chrome can also stream both live and recorded content.

Mac OSX: We also recommend Firefox as the most robust browser to use with Mediasite. Safari can also stream both live and recorded content.

As of January 2017, the most recent releases of Chrome for Mac no longer support the Silverlight plug-in. Mediasite is now using a different file format to compensate for this issue. We recommend you still download and install Silverlight on your device.Chrome will still allow users to stream recorded content in HTML5. (Mediasite transcodes and publishes HTML5 versions of every class shortly after the live stream has finished).

For Apple iPads: Safari and Chrome seem to work equally well.

For Android-based tablets, Chrome is the best browser, but you can only stream recorded Mediasite content.


Course Catalogs and Media Players

 Most students access Mediasite content via the Mediasite Live Lecture Feed and Lecture Catalog. You should see the link to the catalog on your course page. The catalog looks like this:

Screenshot of Mediasite Catalog

 By default, course catalogs now show up to 60 lectures, but some older catalogs will only display 25 lectures at a time. If you do not see the lecture you are looking for, use the left and right arrows in the top right side of the screen above the thumbnails to navigate through the catalog.

From the catalog, find the lecture you want to view, whether live or recorded, and click "Watch". This opens the Mediasite player in a new tab or window in your browser. You can also preview the video in the small thumbnail in the existing window.

Mediasite Full Experience Player and Mediasite Desktop Recorder Multi-view Player


ENMU uses the ‘ENMU Player'for all scheduled Mediasite presentations and classroom adhoc presentations. It provides a larger image window for viewing slides and document camera work. For all Mediasite Desktop Recorder presentations the ‘Desktop Recorder Muti-View Player' is used. Both players are a significant improvement over the ‘Classic Player' used in previous semesters. Both of the new players make maximum use of browser window. With the ‘ENMU Player' a pop-out option is available for viewing presentations in the older ‘Full Experience Player'

Mediasite Full Experience Player

The player provides windows for an image and video.

You have the option of viewing only one window at a time and still hear the audio.


The magnifying glass allows you to zoom in on the image


By placing your cursor over the image and holding down the left mouse button you can slide the image up, down, right and left.


To switch between image and video in one window select the icon with the two arrows.


You can also select a Picture in Picture view


The volume control is located on the bottom right of the player


You can ask a question by selecting the ‘Ask Question' bubble icon at the bottom right. Fill in the name, email, subject and message blocks. You may also check the box showing the time in the presentation when you asked the question. An email will be sent to your instructors ENMU email address when viewing On-Demand or to the classroom during Live presentations if your instructor is moderating during class.


Clicking on the ‘i' icon will allow to see information about the presentation such as Title and Presenter.


Mediasite Desktop Recorder Multi-view Player


The player provides two windows, one large and one small for an image and video.

Clicking in the large window will fill the player with one window

By clicking the ‘Double Arrow' icon you can rotate between the image and the video appearing in the single window. Clicking on the ‘X' icon will return you to the double window view.


You can rotate the video and image in the large window while viewing both the image and video windows by clicking in the ‘double arrows' locate in the upper right hand corner of the large window


Use the single arrow icon to open the large window in a new browser page




Known Issues

April 16, 2015: Chrome disabling all plugins.

The most recent version of Chrome for Windows (Chrome 42) blocks all NPAPI plugins, including the Silverlight plugin required to view classes live. (Recorded classes remain view-able in Chrome.) ENMU upgraded to Mediasite 7 early in the 2015 Summer Quarter, and browsers ending their support for Silverlight plug-ins is no longer a factor.

We currently recommend Firefox as the preferred browser for both Windows and Mac users.

If you need more information, check out the Sonic Foundry article Silverlight support in Chrome and Firefox for Windows.


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