Communication Services Publication Request Communication Services Publication Request

Welcome to the Communication Services Request Center

Here you can find the online forms to submit jobs for the various services we offer. Each form asks for specific information related to the job you need. 

Please note: complex projects may take longer to complete for both printed and Web publications. If you submit a project request with a timeline we are unable to meet, all things considered (Comm Services workload, timeframe, scope of work, etc.), we will contact you to discuss a new project timeline estimate. Jobs with a quantity of more than 2,500 are generally outsourced. This can add up to two weeks to your timeline, depending on the project complexity. Please keep this in mind.

After submitting the form, you should receive an email confirmation with instruction on how to track the progress of your project. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes, please check your junk mail inbox or contact us at 562.2154 to ensure your project has been accepted into our system.

Duplicating Request

Use for duplicated items and/or copies made of pre-existing items. If Communication Services needs to create the item for you, please use the Publication Request Form. 

Publication Request

Use for:

  • Advertisements | Three weeks notice recommended
  • Brochures | Four-six weeks
  • Business cards | Three weeks
  • Envelopes | Four weeks
  • Forms (Typable PDFs or Printed Forms) | Four-six weeks
  • Letterhead | Three weeks
  • Postcards | Four-six weeks
  • Posters | Four-six weeks
  • Other printed publications | Four-six weeks+, depending on complexity of project

Note: all envelopes are outsourced. When ordering envelopes, please note that it does take approximately two weeks to get our envelope orders in from the time we send the information to the printing company.

Web Update Request

Use for all Web updates and web-related requests. If you need a PDF form for the Web that Communication Services needs to create for you, please use the Publication Request Form.

New Media Request

Use for all social media requests for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or other social media venues.

  • Live event coverage (photos and/or video) | Two weeks notice recommended
  • Event recap (photos and/or video) | Two weeks notice recommended
  • Announcements |  One week notice recommended
  • Meritâ„¢ student achievement notices | Two weeks notice recommended, student ID numbers required (view ENMU Meritâ„¢ page)
  • Photography services | Two-week notice recommended (view ENMU photos on Flickr)


What Happens Next? What Happens Next?

Thank you!

Thank you for using our Request Center. Communication Services processes thousands of jobs over the course of a year and submitting your information electronically is not only environmentally friendly, it helps us too! When every job is assigned a ticket number and is tracked electronically, it ensures your job is completed with the fewest delays possible. It also provides important information for reprints and other job-related items that might occur in the future.


After you submit your request from the Communication Services Request Center, your job is assigned a unique ticket number and you will receive an email with an overview of the information you submitted. This email will also have the job number in the subject line. If you ever need to contact us regarding the status of your job, you can reference your job ticket number and any Communication Services team member will be able to help by viewing the job details adsociated with that ticket number.


Someone from Communication Services will contact you if we have any questions regarding your job request. We need specific information for different kinds of jobs, and our form will ask you the relevant questions based on answers you provide. This is designed to give us a more complete picture of your request to make sure we minimize any potential delays.


We produce most printing jobs in College of Business (COB) 151, our Duplicating Services area. When your publication is produced, you will pick it up there. Generally, you can pick up your publication any time after your requested due date. If you have questions about whether or not we have completed your job, please contact our main office at 562.2154. Be sure to have your job ticket number available when you call.


We want to know what you think! Please take a moment to fill out the feedback survey which we will provide randomly to anyone using our services. If you have any problems concerning our process or any job we have worked on for you, please do let us know so we can serve you better. Additionally, you can email anytime, or call 562.2154 during University business hours to speak with a Communication Services team member. Ultimately, we are all on the same team to help ENMU students succeed and we want to do our part to support your efforts to help make this happen.