Registering for COB Internship Registering for COB Internship


COB Internships for Business Students


The College of Business encourages all of their students to engage in an internship as part of your academic experience. An internship allows you to experience first-hand issues facing business professionals, develop skills and insights relevant to your major, and provide opportunities to integrate theory with practice.

Recently, COB students have earned internship credit hours at organizations such as:

  • Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado, Santa Fe, NM
  • La Casa Family Health Center, Portales, NM
  • United Way of Eastern New Mexico, Clovis, NM


The process to register and earn internship credit hours are:

  • Gather and submit your internship application documents:
    • Complete the COB Undergraduate Internship Registration Form.
    • Attach a job description from your supervisor on the organization's official letterhead.
    • Provide your Registration Form and job description to your COB faculty advisor.
  • Read the COB Internship Guidelines document.
  • Complete a minimum of 165 clock hours of work in a semester (for 3 credit hours, or 55 clock hours for one credit hour).
  • Complete the academic assignments of the internship by the due date as specified by the COB faculty internship instructor.


COB Internship Forms COB Internship Forms




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