Mission, Vision, and Goals Mission, Vision, and Goals


College of Business of Eastern New Mexico University


Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Business of Eastern New Mexico University is to provide quality, student focused business education to prepare individuals for professional careers, graduate studies and lifelong learning.  We actively engage in business collaboration throughout the region.  We operate through an open and accessible governance structure that promotes ongoing self-evaluation and continuous improvement.

Vision Statement

The vision of the College of Business of Eastern New Mexico University is to:  (1) Supply a curriculum responsive to the needs of the marketplace; (2) Provide distance learning through leading edge technology; (3) Recruit and retain a diverse faculty and student body; (4) Further quality education and business collaboration through scholarly activities; (5) Meet or exceed professional accreditation standards; (6) Furnish consulting, community service, training and research to the region; and, (7) Operate through an open and accessible governance structure.

Strategic Goals

Long-Term Goals

Annual Goals

1.    The faculty of COB supports high quality academic programs that both enhance the marketability of graduates and encourage them to remain life-long learners. We develop new programs that reflect and respond to changing student and workforce needs.

1.1     Establish, measure and use student learning outcomes to enhance students' educational experience;

1.2    Implement innovative pedagogy, effective technology and up-to-date curriculum(s) that enhance student learning;

1.3    Support basic and applied research, scholarship, and creative activity for faculty;

1.4   Expand applied learning opportunities for students (internships, practicums, research opportunities and presentations);

1.5    Maintain ACBSP accreditation;

1.6    Fully participate in the ENMU Academic Affairs Program Review and the response processes.

2.    The faculty of COB prepares students for academic success by providing a positive campus experience and quality student services for online and on-campus students, and promoting students' leadership and civic responsibility.

2.1.    Find ways that co-curricular activities can enhance students' college experience;

2.2.a. Improve COB marketing and improvement efforts;

2.2.b. Improve COB efforts to enhance student retention and graduation rates;

2.3.    Provide opportunities to enhance students' entry into the workforce or graduate school and track student success for entering workforce or graduate/post-graduate school.

3.   The COB faculty creates excellent and innovative structures to anticipate and meet needs of our students, faculty and staff.

3.1. The COB faculty utilizes external feedback to improve program curriculum, the measuring of student learning outcomes, teaching effectiveness, and relevance to mission and strategic plan.



ENMU's students pursue challenging academic goals and engage in stimulating classroom experiences, and the University emphasizes individual academic advising and career counseling.  Students, faculty, and staff engage in intellectual dialog and debate in a collegial environment.  In addition, faculty and students are engaged in meaningful research activities to further the academic priorities.  Members of the ENMU community understand that education is a dynamic process; therefore, the faculty and staff pursue professional development opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge to improve the campus-learning environment and to create greater efficiencies and productivity within the University.

All students require a traditional learning environment with twenty-first century technology that provides a rich educational experience, a faculty that strives toward excellence in teaching and active learning, and a support services system that has a "personal touch" by providing personal attention to every student to assure each student's success.  We provide specialized resources and services to student segments (i.e. distance, non-traditional, military, veteran, or with disabilities) as determined by industry best practices or any external mandates and guidelines.


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