ACBSP Accredited Programs ACBSP Accredited Programs


College of Business of Eastern New Mexico University


Accredited Programs


The following programs offered by the College of Business are fully accredited by the ACBSP:


Programs Not Yet Accredited

According to ACBSP standards, new programs must have been offered for at least two years and have students who have graduated. The College of Business has two programs within the BBA that are not yet accredited, but will be when requirements are met:


ACBSP Required Publically Shared Assessment Reports for the 2016-2017 Self-Study

BBA Program-Wide Assessment Results (Figure 4.2 - Table I)

MBA Program-Wide Assessment Results (Figure 4.2 - Table II)

BBA Majors and Emphasis Areas Assessment Results (Figure 4.2 - Table III)

Business Operation Processes (Figure 6.10)


Staging Enabled