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Assessment in the College of Education and Technology (CET)


The central purpose of the CET Assessment System is to articulate the sequential process used to document that students have met the competencies defined by the conceptual framework and state and national standards. It provides the mechanism for the unit to assure that all ENMU students demonstrate and faculty foster the ability to provide a quality learning journey that is founded on valid and reliable measures of performance. To ensure the CET moves toward this vision, the unit requires a variety of assessments and evaluations, which focus on student performance, faculty performance, unit operations, and student learning.


The CET Assessment System was developed and implemented over a period of years with the involvement of the professional education community and is evaluated on an as needed basis.

There are four departments in the CET: Department of Curriculum and Instruction with three undergraduate programs, Department of Educational Studies with one undergraduate program, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and Agriculture with 10 programs, and Department of Health and Physical Education with nine programs. Within the College there is also three special degrees: Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, Bachelor of Occupational Education, and Bachelor of University Studies.  At the graduate level there are two programs in counseling, nine in education, two in physical education, and three in special education. The College's Assessment and Accreditation Committee is the advisory body for the development/evaluation of the current assessment system. This committee is composed of faculty representatives who are involve in the various academic programs offered by the College.


Tk20 is the central database management system used for the collection and analysis of all program assessment data.

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