Preparing for Classes Preparing for Classes


Preparing for Classes

Many undergraduate online CDIS courses are 8 week offerings. Due to the fast paced nature of 8 week courses, students need to be prepared ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS with their textbooks and other necessary materials. Following registration, students taking online courses should IMMEDIATELY:

  1. Order their textbooks.
    Information about which books will be used and how to order them can be found at the ENMU Bookstore when registration opens.
  2. Login to their email.
    Canvas shells open a few days prior to the start of courses. Because every day counts in an 8 week course, instructors will sometimes email syllabi and other information about the course prior to Canvas shells opening. If you are having difficulty with accessing your email, please refer to the resources listed on the ENMU Student Email page.
  3. Login to Canvas.
    Complete the technology check. You need to login to Canvas EVERY DAY while your course is running. Students who fail to do so may accidentally miss deadlines which instructors may not extend!
  4. FOR 1SW section students:
    If you are planning on attending courses via Mediasite, make sure you have a reliable high speed internet connection, a web camera, a phone that you can use while you are on the internet, and a Zoom account. 
  5. Visit the Distance Education online pages.

Textbook listings can be accessed on the Barnes and Noble website. 


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