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Costs Associated with Attending the ENMU CDIS Graduate Program


The ENMU CDIS Program is committted to transparent and open communications.  We believe that an informed student is a well-prepared and empowered student!  In the spirit of this philosophy, we have prepared the following lists of associated expenses for students attending our graduate program. 


The information provided below is for planning purposes only and should not be construed as a legally binding contract between the student and the university.  We do our best to keep this page updated so that students can be as well informed as possible, but we cannot guarantee that all costs for the program are included below or that the costs as listed will accurately reflect your actual expenses.


Application Expenses

  • Centralized Application Service Fee (CSDCAS):  $137.00, $55.00 for each additional program
  • Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics (Casper):  $40.00 to take and $12.00 to send to ENMU
  • (Optional) Graduate Record Examination (GRE):  $205.00 (The GRE can be taken to verify writing proficiency.)
  • The cost to send transcripts to ENMU from all universities attended will vary according to each institution's policies.

                    ** ENMU does NOT charge a fee for applying to ENMU at enmu.edu.

Admission Expenses

  • ENMU One-Time Admission Fee:  $50.00 

ENMU Additional Fees Websitehttps://www.enmu.edu/admission/tuition-and-fees/additional-fees 

This page contains information about miscellaneous fees which may or may not apply to you (e.g., installment plan fee, transcript fees, reinstatement fee, etc.). It also contains

  • Registration fee (one time only), new students:  $95.00
  • ENMU ID card: $25.00

Tuition Expenses

                    ** Please note that students who are enrolled in practicum or internship are charged a $100.00 flat fee per semester of enrollment (in addition to SCH tuition).
                    ** Please note the distance education/online course fee per credit hour (currently $17 per SCH).  This will be charged for all WW and SW course sections.
                    ** ENMU does not charge out-of state tuition for any semester in which a student enrolls in 6 or less credits.
                    ** ENMU does not charge out-of state tuition in a summer semester.
                    ** Graduate assistants receive an out of state tuition waiver working 10 hours per week if enrolled in 7 or more semester credit hours. 

Housing and Dining Expenses

Text, Subscription, and Equipment Expenses

  • Textbooks: Variable
  • MBSImP:  $99.00 one time charge
  • Simucase:  $110.00 per year
  • Master Clinician:  $54.00 per year
  • Zoom group account:  ENMU currently pays this cost for students.
  • Proctorio test proctoring:  ENMU currently pays this cost for students.
  • In-person proctoring service (seldom required):  Free on the ENMU campus.  The charge to distance education students will vary based on the service and location selected.
  • Computer
  • Webcam
  • Audio recorder for SHROC: ENMU currently pays this cost for students. Recorders must remain on campus at all times.

Travel Expenses

  • Students may be required to relocate for practicum/internship if one cannot be secured in their local area.  Driving expenses will vary by student.

Clinical Practicum Expenses

  • CALIPSO:  $100.00 one time fee
  • ClinicNote:  $50.00 per semester (SHROC clients, including telepractice); ENMU currently pays this cost for students.
  • MVD Driving Record:  Varies by state but approximately $6.00 in NM.
  • Clinical Uniform:  ENMU Polo Shirt - $25.00 to $30.00; The cost of pants varies based on student selection
  • Professional Liability Insurance:  $35.00 to $55.00 (depending on company)
  • General Liability Insurance:  ENMU currently pays this cost for students.
  • Workman's Comp Coverage:  ENMU currently pays this cost for students.
  • Background Checks:
         - CastleBranch Initial Account Package:  $154.00
         - Castle Branch Annual Renewal:  $56.00 for the background check and $63.00 for the drug testing
         - NM DOH Background Check:  $73.30  (must be renewed annually for students practicing in NM)
         - CDC Background Check:  $44.00  (only applies to students placed at CDC)
                        ** Students should note that additional background checks may be required by external affiliation agreements and agencies.
  • Training Costs:
         - HIPAA:  Free, or provided by ENMU
         - OSHA:  Free, or provided by ENMU
         - Adult/Elder and Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting:  Provided by ENMU
         - CPR:  ENMU currently pays this cost for on-campus students.(2 year duration); Renewal is $30.00 and must be paid by the student
  • Health Clearance Costs:
         - Annual physical:  This is dependent on the student's medical insurance.
         - Annual flu shot:  This is dependent on the student's medical insurance.
         - Annual TB test:  This is dependent on the student's medical insurance.
         - Immunizations/vaccinations, boosters, or titers as needed
                         **Most practicum sites will require that the student carry personal health insurance.     

Graduation Expenses


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