Graduate Program Prerequisites Graduate Program Prerequisites


Graduate Program Prerequisites


The following courses (or their equivalents) are required for regular admission into the CDIS graduate program. Students must have completed each course with a grade of B or better prior to enrollment in specified graduate courses. An applicant's CDIS GPA will be computed using the course-numbered list below (excluding statistics). Please be advised that all course grades from each time a course is taken will be included in this calculation.

  • CDIS 301 Survey of Communication Disorders
  • CDIS 300 Speech-Language-Hearing Anatomy and Physiology
  • CDIS 303 Language Science
  • CDIS 310 Phonetics/Phonology
  • CDIS 311 Articulation/Phonological Disorders
  • CDIS 330 Speech and Language Development
  • CDIS 332 Language Disorders
  • CDIS 342 Basic Audiology
  • CDIS 400 Speech and Hearing Science
  • CDIS 421 Neuroscience of Communication
  • CDIS 434 Aural Rehabilitation
  • CDIS 441 Speech-Language Preclinical
  • CDIS 441L Preclinical Observation Laboratory
  • CDIS 454 Speech and Language Assessment
  • MATH 1350 Introduction to Statistics


Current ASHA SLP certification requirements specify:

  • one physical science (must by physics or chemistry)
  • one life science (must be general biology, human biology, or anatomy and physiology; we do not accept anthropology courses for this requirement)
  • one social science (must be a general sociology or general/developmental psychology; we do not accept anthropology courses for this requirement)


Students should be advised, though not required for admission, these science courses will be required by ENMU prior to graduating with the M.S. degree in CDIS and also by ASHA prior to the award of the CCC-SLP.

Students who apply with undergraduate deficiencies should plan on completing any remaining required courses prior to beginning the program. Though students may be admitted with prerequisites outstanding, this will delay matriculation and may limit clinical availability until such time as all deficiencies have been corrected.

Our program offers leveling prerequisites online, many in the summer, and students are asked to check rotations at if they are interested in taking these courses from ENMU.  Graduate students may enroll in no more than 12 credits per semester without special authorization from the CDIS Program Director and the Graduate Dean.

Students who have recently completed their undergraduate degree in CDIS from ENMU, or who recently completed a second bachelor's in CDIS or all CDIS leveling courses at ENMU and who have followed their advisor's direction will have met all prerequisite course requirements for admission into our graduate program. Students who matriculate at other institutions may or may not meet ENMU prerequisite criteria, and this will be determined upon application to the program. Students who have completed all CDIS prerequisites with ENMU (listed above and including statistics) AND have a calculated GPA of 3.0 or greater in these courses will be given special consideration in our graduate admission process. We do not evaluate transcripts for students who have not yet applied to the program, nor do we answer questions about equivalency determinations prior to receiving official transcripts as part of the application process. Also, please note that we do not advise any student regarding employment as an ASL or SLPA, and we do not advise students about course equivalencies for other programs.

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