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This section of the site is intended for students in
clinical practicum.

Clinical forms, the Supervisor's Handbook, and the full Graduate Student Handbook are available on our CDIS Program Documents (Click here to view student documents page).



Students are unable to register for practicum independently. Students wishing to enroll should email Dr. Suzanne Swift at You must include your student ID#, the level of practicum, and the number of credits you want to enroll in with your correspondence.

In order for a student to observe in the clinic they must be enrolled in a CDIS class that requires observations and they must have a signed confidentially form on file.  The students must follow all observation guidelines, check in with the Clinic Director each time they want to observe, and complete Observations Summary Forms and Clinical Hour Logs.  A background check may be required. While it possible to complete observations during the summer session, these opportunities are limited due to the reduced number of clients.


Textbooks and Materials

Textbook requirements are listed at

Students must additionally purchase a 3 Ring Binder (1 inch size), a tape recorder, a small flashlight, and a stopwatch (or a watch with a secondhand).

Due Dates

Students should refer to their course syllabus for more specific information.

• Second week of classes: Review assignment file, draft Plan of Care, meet with supervisor 
• Third week of classes: Clinic begins, Plan for Supervision due 
• Fourth week of classes: Liability insurance, TB test, and Hep B records due 
• Eighth week of classes: Mid-term performance review, 1st draft of Progress Report due 
• Last week in November: Final week of Clinic; Final Report draft due 
• Week before finals (Monday at 12:00 pm) � Finished copy of Semester Report due; Client Conferences


Practicum Policies


The following policies have been established to provide a quality education appropriate to each individual student, to allow the Program to monitor each student's progress toward attainment of ASHA CCC standards, or to document such progress for each student. Policies listed below are in abbreviated form. Students should refer to their Graduate Student Handbook for additional detail. 

Attendance at practicum meetings is required for all students enrolled in on-campus practicums. See Ms. Bucknell or your supervisor for details.



Students' grades will be assigned according to supervisor(s) rankings/feedback of student performance across practicum parameters as listed on the Clinical Practicum Evaluation Form. Students should familiarize themselves with this form in order to know what expectations the supervisor may have. This form can be found within the CDIS Graduate Student Handbook.

Students are required to make a grade of B or better in all clinical practicum experiences. Students who are earning/have earned a C or lower in practicum must meet with the Program Director and/or Clinic Director.


Student Behavior

  • Students must exhibit mandatory behaviors for all clinical assignments within a semester in order to count the clock hours obtained that semester. Mandatory behaviors are listed in the practicum grading form in the CDIS Graduate Student Handbook.
  • Students enrolled in any practicum course are expected to understand and follow the policies and procedures established by each clinical site at which they are participating. Each supervisor, whether on or off campus, reserves the right to add additional requirements as needed.
  • A maximum of 50 clock hours may be used from an undergraduate program, if they were obtained within the last five years, if clock hour logs are provided with supervisors' or program director's signatures and ASHA numbers, and if they were obtained under the auspices of an accredited program in communicative disorders.
  • Students are expected to perform clinical duties within the parameters of the ASHA Code of Ethics. Failure to do so will result in the student's removal from some or all clinical assignments. Students removed from clinical assignments for ethical violations will receive an F for that assignment.

Other Policies (please see the Graduate Student Handbook for additional policies and details)

  • Students enrolled in any practicum course must submit a completed Practicum Availability Form to the Clinic Director each semester by noon on the first day of classes.
  • Enrollment in CDIS 589: Internship requires that the student be placed in a site a minimum of 4 days per week. Students should typically expect to be at the site for 8 hours per day but this will vary somewhat according to the needs of the site. Internship sites are not often available in Portales and Clovis and so will most likely require travel and/or relocation. Each student will work with the Clinic Director to determine the location of the internship site.
  • Off-campus hours may be obtained only at approved ENMU off-campus sites.
  • Students will be placed at off-campus practicum sites by the Clinical Director or Program Director. Students may request specific sites, but must not contact those sites until placement has been made by the Program or instructed to do so by either the Clinical or Program Director.



In order to maintain a client's rights to privacy and confidentiality, students must do the following during and after any on campus or off campus practicum(s) or after viewing videotapes or listening to audiotapes in a CDIS course:

  • You will not discuss a client in any public setting outside the ENMU Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation Outreach Center.
  • You will not take any records from the university. This includes electronic records (e.g., data cannot be saved on flash/jump drives for work at home or outside the clinic).
  • You will not use a client's name or identifying information when preparing treatment plans or progress notes or any other information within working files.
  • You will not place any information in working files other than supervisor feedback forms, treatment plans, and progress notes.
  • You will only use audio and video tapes of clients during therapy and during report writing. You must not take these materials from the CDIS Program.
  • All client evaluations and reports must be completed within the CDIS Program and may not be completed at any other location.
  • You must abide by all rules and regulations set forth by each practicum setting in which you are involved.
  • You will uphold the ASHA Code of Ethics, abiding by its principles and rules.




Required Training and Documents

Please see your Graduate Student Handbook for more detail.

  • Students must provide proof of liability insurance within the first week of clinical practice.
  • Students must provide proof of a current TB test. The test is current for 2 years in clinic/school settings, but must be completed annually for medical sites.
  • Hepatitis vaccines are recommended for all students enrolled in practicum. Vaccines may be obtained through the Student Health Center. Students must have documentation of a completed vaccine, a signed statement verifying that the vaccines are in progress, or a signed waiver of the vaccine in their files prior to any clinical assignment. It should be noted that Hepatitis vaccines are required by many off-campus sites.
  • Students must complete CPR training for certain practicum sites.
  • Many sites (including public schools) require a fingerprinting procedure and background check (see below).
  • Students enrolled in practicum must follow the established infection control policy. If a student is at an off-campus site that has a more stringent policy, that policy must be followed.
  • Students who wish to complete practicum or intern at a specific site must meet the requirements of that site. These requirements may include but are not limited to the provision of immunization records, completion of a physical examination, administration of additional vaccinations, completion of a criminal background check/security clearance, etc.
  • Students are also increasingly being asked to complete competitive on-site interviews and provide resumes and transcripts prior to being accepted by practicum sites. Preparation of these documents in advance is recommended.


Background Checks and Fingerprinting

Students enrolled in practicum must pass an FBI fingerprinting background check which includes clearance through the NM Department of Public Safety. background check (including fingerprinting) prior to being released for service. Effective October 1, 2007, the price for fingerprinting is approximately $70.00. Additional requirements may be imposed by external practicum sites prior to accepting clinical students. Students are responsible for all costs incurred as a part of this process.


Liability Insurance

Students completing practicum are required to acquire and maintain professional liability insurance throughout their clinical experiences. This may be purchased at the carrier of your choice. For your convenience, the following links are provided (Note: Neither ENMU nor the CDIS Program specifically endorse any particular insurance company).


Student clinicians should select the student category with ASHA being the Association. Liability limits selected should be at least $1,000,000/$3,000,000. Additional information about liability insurance is available through ASHA. Students who hold membership with the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSSLHA) are eligible for discounts on liability insurance purchases. For information on how to be a part of ENMU's NSSLHA chapter, please contact Ms. Nicole Bougie

For additional information about NSSLHA, please visit the NSSLHA website.


Dress Code

Dress code for the ENMU Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation Outreach Center requires an ENMU practicum polo shirt, khakis, closed toe shoes, and name badge. Name badges can be purchased at the ENMU Bookstore. Name tags should be in the following format:

Graduate Student Clinician
Speech and Hearing Clinic

It is strongly recommended that the 'clinic uniform' be worn at your practicum sites unless discussed with your off-campus supervisor.  Name badges are required.


For additional information or if you have questions, please contact:

Ms. Laura Bucknell, MA, CCC-SLP
ENMU Clinical Director 
1500 S. Ave K
ENMU Station #3, LH 208
Portales, NM 88130
fax: 575.562.2380


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