Finding Student Jobs Finding Student Jobs


Activate Your Handshake Account

  1. Go to the MyENMU Portal, and go to the Launch Pad menu on the left.
  2. Go to Career Resources and click to see the Career Resources menu.
  3. Click on Handshake.
  4. Complete the activation process by clicking on ENMU Students Login-New and Existing (it is a blue box in the middle of the page)

Please Note: When you log in to Handshake for the first time, you will see a lot of profile questions. Although it is important to fill out your profile (so employers can see what you have to offer), you don't have to fill out your profile in order to view or apply for on-campus jobs.


Handshake FastTrack: How to Bypass Profile Questions and Go Directly to Job Lists

  1. In Handshake – You will be taken right to your Profile Page that begins with identity questions. Here you can continue and build your profile or you can hit the "EXIT" button on the top right.
    • If you hit the "Exit" button, you can go straight to jobs.
    • After you hit Exit, you will be taken to a screen where you can see "Jobs" as an option to click. Click on Jobs.


How to View Available On-Campus Jobs

For on-campus employment, click On - Campus or search for ENMU in the Handshake search bar. You will see all posted jobs, description and application instructions.


On-Campus jobs from Handshake


Still Need Help?

For Handshake questions or concerns, please reach out to or

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On/Off Campus Job Fairs On/Off Campus Job Fairs


When you are an ENMU student, your success is our goal. We can help you prepare for your upcoming job fair or interview. You have a group of staff who really care about your success!

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