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Quick Start Guide (Students or Faculty) Create a practice interview

This quick start guide will walk you through the steps of getting started with StandOut. It will teach you how to create practice interviews and review student responses. There are more in-depth topics listed within the Help section.

Once you have accepted an invite, you will land on the homepage. A tutorial will lead you through some important sections of StandOut.

  1. Here are the system requirements:
  2. You may use a pre-recoded interview designed according to career/ major area or create your own. See, "How Do I use Standout"? A faculty may create a practice interview and send it a student or a student may create their own interview and complete that practice.
  3. To create an interview. Our video library is a nice place to start. We recommend recording your practice interview questions in the video library to get them ready to build your practice interview.
    Here are the steps to record your questions:
  4. Once you are satisfied with your recorded video questions, you are now ready to build your practice interview. Here are steps to create your practice interview.
  5. Each time a student shares a response with you, an email notification will land in your Inbox. The notification email will have a URL link to direct you to the student response.

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