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What is StandOut?

StandOut Now Live: An Interactive Online Video Interviewing Tool

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Eastern New Mexico University is pleased to offer StandOut, a mock video interviewing platform that will help you with your professional abilities within interviewing skills. Visit to log in with your university credentials, then follow the steps to create your StandOut account. In StandOut you will be able to practice a number of different interviews based on your current career focus. This interactive feature will allow you to immediately practice your interview skills. Your interview practices are private to you. However, you may share your practices and connect with a career specialist or your professor for feedback and personal support.

StandOut provides feedback and tips on verbal communication and communication missteps during a mock interview. Your personal review of your mock interviews, will allow you to improve on verbal and non-verbal communication skills. This new video interviewing practice platform is now live and accessible for all students. The StandOut platform offers the following:

  • Record, review and re-record answers to a myriad of interview questions. StandOut checks for hesitations and enunciations in answers, and time responses to inform interviewing skills.
  • Create a class interviewing assignment from pre-created interview questions or record your own.

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