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What is Handshake?

Handshake is the main portal for internships and full-time opportunities for graduating seniors. Also, Handshake contains on-campus postings. Handshake is an all-inclusive job board and networking tool for college students. Nationally, Handshake is the number one way college students find jobs.  All Fortune 500 companies are on Handshake and you can look for opportunities both near and far. 

On-campus employers can post their openings through Handshake. They can note if the position is work-study or not and they can have students apply on Handshake or externally. 



Handshake Student Training Handshake Student Training


Activate Your Handshake Account


  1. Go to the MyENMU Portal, and go to the Launch Pad menu on the left.
  2. Go to Career Resources and click to see the Career Resources menu.
  3. Click on Handshake.
  4. Complete the activation process by clicking on ENMU Students Login-New and Existing (it is a blue box in the middle of the page)

Please Note: When you log in to Handshake for the first time, you will see a lot of profile questions. Although it is important to fill out your profile (so employers can see what you have to offer), you don't have to fill out your profile in order to view or apply for on-campus jobs. You can click the exit button on the top right hand side to go directly to search for jobs. 

Check out the student jobs information.

Your Handshake Profile

As you build your student profile, review this article that guides you through the onboarding process. Your major and ENMU basic information will automatically be imported to your Handshake profile. Your GPA is private to you. The most important information for you to fill out is;

  • What are you looking for?
  • Where are you looking to work?
  • What industries are you interested in? 

With all of these questions, there will be options to guide you. Also, you can change it and update it whenever you want to.

If you have an updated resume, you can download your resume to fill in your work and volunteer information. You can edit it as needed to be sure that your information looks correct. Remember, if you need help to create your best resume, contact Career Services at career.services@enmu.edu. 

Your profile will allow you to fill in skills. As you fill in your skills, focus on your unique skills or hard skills over soft skills, like, communication. Hard skills are learned skills, such as; using Quick Books. They stand out more to employers.

Another tip on your profile is you can list classes that you have taken. However, you only want to add advanced or specialty classes that you will make you stand out. A future employer is likely to ask for your transcript, so, it isn't necessary to add a lot of classes to your profile. If you were a Supplemental Instructor or Teacher's Assistant, you can add this notation to the class. 

For more Handshake help, reach out to Career Services, career.services@enmu.edu.









On Campus Employer Training On Campus Employer Training


On-Campus Employers- Handshake

As an on-campus employer, you can use Handshake to post your job openings and decide if you want students to apply through Handshake or externally.

If you are new to Handshake and your office has never created an account, you will create a new company/employer account.  Begin by using this step-by-step guide; check out these steps from Handshake Help. Also, note a new ENMU account, in your area, will need to be named ENMU,___________, such as; ENMU; Enrollment Services, etc.  This article offers some basic steps and guidelines for on-campus employers. Some important points for you will be that because you are using an ENMU E-mail, you will be asked if you are trying to connect to Eastern New Mexico University and join that company or another company, The answer is NO. You are creating your own company. Also, you will be looking to connect to our school, ENMU in order to advertise your on-campus opportunities to students. 

Are you an ENMU student and new employee trying to create an employer account or access an on-campus employer account? If so, what may happen is that the sytems will circle back to your student account. To avoid this, you should be able to click 'Switch Accounts' to get to the employer login. This is in white text on the left-hand side of your log in- under the ENMU image. 

As you create the new employer account, you will request approval from ENMU Career Services. Since you are a part of ENMU, this appears odd. However, this is part of the process as you are your own independent entity as an employer. You will be approved, as soon as we see your request. 

If you are a new employee and you want to access your Handshake ENMU employer account to post a job, you will want to check to see if your area used a general email for their account, such as; enrollment.services@enmu.edu, or if it was listed under a previous administrator's, ENMU email address. The owner of your employer account can have you join and invite you this way, how to invite staff members to join Handshake.  If the account was connected to someone's e-mail that is no longer the administrator, please reach out to Rebecca Culp <rebecca@joinhandshake.com> or career.services@enmu.edu or patrick.kelley@enmu.edu and we can help you update the account information. You can log in here and log in using Handshake credentials.

As you access your ENMU Employer account, please see this article for directions on posting a job opening. If you need to change your expiration date on a job posting, please see this article about updating your job posting

 If you have any questions about your employer account, please reach out to patrick.kelley@enmu.edu





Contact Information Contact Information



Career Services is located at Student Academic Services (SAS), Room 232

You can reach out by emailing; career.services@enmu.edu or call 575-562-2211.

For questions about Handshake, contact Patrick Kelley at patrick.kelley@enmu.edu or call 575-562-2457.



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