What can Career Services Do For You? What can Career Services Do For You?


In-Class Presentations

We are available to come to the classroom for a general presentation or focused presentation.

Samples of Presentation Topics

  • How to conduct an informational interview for career research
  • The job/career outlook for any specific feild
  • What is experiential learning?
  • How to craft a resume so that it stands out professionally
  • Preparing for a virtual interview
  • Design a co-curricular activity or program with Career Services

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Other Steps to Take

Talk to your students about their career path. Encourage them to take advantange of the services we offer. You can also recommend that they attend an upcoming workshop or career fair.

Resources by Academic Year

The following information is available in our Career Services for Students section of our site. On the following pages, you can find suggested career steps by academic year:

Career Services Website Career Services Website


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