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Student organizations that are currently registered are required to reregister annually. For most groups, this occurs during the month of April. Groups that elect officers during the fall semester are encouraged to reregister at that time. However, it is not uncommon for groups to reregister at any time during the year. This is perfectly acceptable. To reregister your student organization or update your officer contact information, please print out the Reregistration Form, fill it out and submit the completed application to the Office of Student Activities and Organizations, Campus Union, Room 104.

If your student organization is conducting a special training meeting, workshop or retreat, the Office of Student Activities and Organizations has put together a list of faculty and staff who can help you with leadership and personal development seminars.

Create a New Student Organization

It is highly recommended that anyone wishing to start a new student organization make an appointment with the director of student activities at 575-562-2108 to discuss the process.


Registering a New Student Organization

  1. Make an appointment with the director of student activities at 575.562.2631 to submit your Temporary Status Form and discuss your proposed organization
  2. Find an advisor. Advisors must be a full time faculty or staff member of Eastern New Mexico University
  3. Create a constitution. The Web is an excellent resource for examples of organizational constitutions. Search for organizations with similar interests
  4. Fill out a New Student Organization Registration Form
  5. Return the completed New Student Organization Form along with your constitution to the director of Student Activities and Organizations

Your application for registered status will be reviewed by the director of Student Activities and Organizations. If your organization meets the requirements of the University, it will be submitted to ASENMU (student government) for final approval.


Benefits of Registering

  • Free campus space reservations
  • Posting on campus
  • Use of the University wordmark
  • Leadership and personal development seminars
  • Ready references
  • Eligible for ASENMU (student government) funding
  • President's Student Advisory Council (PSAC)


Leadership Opportunities

  • Student organization programs
  • Leadership programs
  • Community service learning projects and volunteerism
  • Homecoming coordinating committee
  • Associated Students Activities Board (ASAB)


Hints to Avoid Problems

  • Sports clubs, some spirit groups and single-sex organizations require additional steps and requirements
  • Posting involving money may require solicitation approval through the Office of Student Activities and Organizations six business days prior to posting
  • Co-sponsorship requires more than just name affiliation/association. In the "spirit of the word," it implies a joint undertaking
  • Groups affiliating with a local, regional or national organization must submit one hard copy of that constitution. A copy of your organization's local chapter constitution/bylaws is also required


Developing Your Organization

  • Conduct planning sessions to discuss your goals and objectives, then plot out your program calender for the year
    Formulate budget and brainstorm about fundraising
    Devise marketing strategies for membership and event participation



An agency account is an account that is held by the University for an organization. An organization's money is deposited to ENMU and checks are issued from ENMU on behalf of the organization. ENMU is the fiscal agent for the organization's agency account; therefore, University policies and procedures must be followed. (For example, ENMU cannot purchase or reimburse individuals for alcohol.)

With an agency account, transactions are recorded on ENMU's general ledger, thus providing a history of activity. Also, when following ENMU purchasing guidelines, an agency account falls under the umbrella of the University's tax exemption status. It is only worthwhile for an organization to open an agency account if account will be exceeding $1,000 annually.

As part of University guidelines, individuals cannot be reimbursed for purchases; a purchase order must used to order from a vendor. If members of the organization plan to travel, a Travel Voucher must be completed.


To Open an Agency Account

Schedule an appointment with the Business Office.
Obtain a request form from the Business Office. Complete and sign the form—two student officers and the advisor need to sign. Return the form to the Business Office. This form will need to be updated each time there is a change in officers or advisor.
Within five (5) University business days the registered student organization will be assigned an account number.


To Make Deposits

  • Obtain deposit slips from the cashier
  • Complete the deposit slips — make sure the account number is correct
  • Write the account number on the back of each check
  • Take the deposit slip and deposit to the cashier between 8 a.m.–4 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Please allow one (1) university business day for the deposit to be posted to the account


Purchases and Payments

  • University purchasing guidelines must be followed. If you have questions, please call Purchasing before making any purchases
  • Obtain a requisition form from the Business Office
  • Complete the requisition form. It is preferred that the form be typed with the complete name and address of the vendor. Give a complete description of the item to be purchased
  • The requisition needs to be signed by one of the two students listed on file at the Business Office and the advisor
  • The requisition will not be processed if there is not enough money in the account to cover the request


Other Information

  • Account balances and history are available upon request. The request must be made by one of the people listed on file in the Business Office
  • A budget does not have to be prepared for the Business Office, although one should prepared for the benefit of the organization
  • Payments to individuals for services (independent contractors) will require a Professional Technical Services Agreement form. Please contact the Purchasing Office for the form
  • If traveling, please contact the Business Office for information regarding guidelines


Web Access

Student organizations wanting free web space to host their official organization web page can do so on the student server or any other web host provider.


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