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Thank you to all of the student presenters and the attendees of the first ever Anthropology Student Research Conference.

Presentation award recipients were Gabrielle Rucker and Michael Rohrer.

The conference proceedings are available here:  SRC-A Proceedings 2021


Live presentations were 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon MDT on April 7

Pre-recorded video to watch at your convenience:

SRC-A Schedule SRC-A Schedule


Student Research Conference - Anthropology

Presentation Schedule


Presentations are open to the public.

Links to the presentation room and to the online video are posted above.  

 SRC-A Schedule 2021

SRC-A Information SRC-A Information



Every year, Eastern New Mexico holds a Student Research and Creativity Conference open to all ENMU students.  (  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was cancelled for 2020 and will not be held in 2021.  Therefore, the Department of Anthropology and Applied Archaeology will be holding an online student research conference for their students.  ENMU classes are cancelled on April 7, so all students will be free to participate in the research conference.


Date:  April 7, 2021

Time:  To be announced - the presentation schedule will be posted after spring break  

Location:  Online via Teams

Eligibility:  Any undergraduate or graduate student in an ENMU anthropology class

If there are additional presentation time slots available, sociology and criminal justice students may also be accepted in the order of entry submission.

Format:  Live online presentation of research paper or project

                 Pre-recorded video (posted to YouTube)

                 There will not be any poster presentations

Entry Deadline:  March 12, 2021 (no late entries will be accepted)

Entry Form: Click here for entry form

Presentation Evaluation:  Presentations will be evaluated by a panel of ENMU faculty and staff members and cash prizes will be awarded.  Students will receive evaluators' comments after the event.  

Proceedings:  Presentation abstracts and video descriptions will be included in a conference proceedings published online after the event.


Presentation Format

Live Presentations

Each live presentation will consist of up to 10 minutes for the presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions.

Students are encouraged, but not required, to use PowerPoint slides in their presentation.

Up to two students may present together as a group.  Additional collaborators cannot participate in the presentation, but may be listed in the proceedings.

Students are responsible for ensuring that they are able to use Teams and know how to share their screen (if needed) before the conference.

Pre-recorded Videos

Each pre-recorded video will be posted to YouTube for watching at the viewer's convenience.

There will not be a question-and-answer session for videos.

Students are responsible for following instructions that will be sent on posting their videos to YouTube.

Why Participate? Why Participate?


Why should students participate in this conference?


♦ Students will be able to compare their work to that of other students in the anthropology program.

♦ Students will get valuable presentation experience.  This presentation can serve as a dress rehearsal for other presentations the student will give in class, at a professional conference, or on the job.

♦ Students will get feedback on their work and their presentation.

♦ Participation makes a good entry on the student's resume or CV which will be seen by graduate schools, funding agencies, scholarship committees, and potential employers.

♦ This is a small event with a friendly audience, so it's a good place to practice for students who are uncomfortable doing public presentations.

♦ Conference participation is free, unlike participation at many professional conferences.

♦ Cash prizes will be awarded.



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