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ENMU Student Research and Creativity Conference


More information about the ENMU Student Research and Creativity Conference can be found here:  ENMU SRCC


Seven anthropology students presented posters at the 2022 ENMU SRCC. 

Esteban Rangel

Janae Hughes

JoAnna Schultz

Jonah Jankovik

Jonathan Delgado-Naegele

Madison Dugan

Rebecca Bond

Undergraduate student Jonathan Delgado-Naegele was the winner of the anthropology poster session.

SRC - Anthropology SRC - Anthropology


Student Research Conference - Anthropology


Thank you to all of the student presenters and the attendees of the first ever

Anthropology Student Research Conference held online in 2021.

Presentation award recipients were Gabrielle Rucker and Michael Rohrer.

The conference proceedings are available here:  SRC-A Proceedings 2021

Why Participate? Why Participate?


Why should students participate in the student research and creativity conference?


♦ Students will be able to compare their work to that of other students in the anthropology program.

♦ Students will get valuable presentation experience.  This presentation can serve as a dress rehearsal for other presentations the student will give in class, at a professional conference, or on the job.

♦ Students will get feedback on their work and their presentation.

♦ Participation makes a good entry on the student's resume or CV which will be seen by graduate schools, funding agencies, scholarship committees, and potential employers.

♦ This is a small event with a friendly audience, so it's a good place to practice for students who are uncomfortable doing public presentations.

♦ Conference participation is free, unlike participation at many professional conferences.

♦ Cash prizes will be awarded.



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