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Anthropology and Applied Archaeology Anthropology and Applied Archaeology


Anthropology and Applied Archaeology


The ENMU Department of Anthropology and Applied Archaeology offers an undergraduate major in anthropology with an emphasis in archaeology, biological anthropology or cultural anthropology, an undergraduate major in forensic science with an emphasis in forensic anthropology, an undergraduate minor in anthropology, and a graduate major in anthropology

Research plays an important role in the Anthropology Department. Heavy emphasis is placed on prehispanic Native American archaeological studies on the Plains and U.S. Southwest. The university's location provides a unique vantage point to study America's earliest cultures. Faculty and staff members of the department are involved in research within their disciplines covering many fields including archaeology, lithic technology, biological anthropology, ceramic analysis, cultural anthropology, bioarchaeology, historic preservation, and cultural resource management.

Anthropology classes are taught in a new building with up-to-date labs for osteology, forensic anthropology, geoarchaeology, ceramics, cultural anthropology, curation and imaging. Classes are small and most are taught in person to provide students with the hands-on experience necessary for work in the field.  Instruction is supplemented by research and public service opportunities with the Blackwater Draw Museum and Blackwater Draw National Historical Landmark site (the Clovis archaeological type site) as well as an anthropological research division known as the Agency for Conservation Archaeology.

The department holds field schools during select summers, at a variety of locations. Notable guest speakers are brought to campus for the annual Cynthia Irwin-Williams Lectureship to connect students, faculty and community members with the greater world of anthropology. The Mu Alpha Nu anthropology club provides a variety of social and professional opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

The Anthropology Department also offers a number of classes that meet general education requirements for all undergraduate students, regardless of their major.

  • ANTH 1115  Introduction to Anthropology (social science)
  • ANTH 1140 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (social science)
  • ANTH 1120 – Introduction to Archaeology (lab science)
  • ANTH 303 – Storytelling at the Crossroads (upper-division diversity/global)
  • ANTH 310 – Origins of Human Diversity (upper-division diversity/global)
  • ANTH 333 – Anthropology and the Developing World (upper-division diversity/global)
  • ANTH 340 – Native Cultures of North America (upper-division diversity/global)
  • GEOG 1130 – Human Geography (social science)
  • GEOG 1140 – Humans' Role in Changing the Face of the Earth (social science)




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