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Eastern New Mexico University has developed a program that supports individual efforts to enhance well-being and quality of life.  The first step is a for-credit course offered for faculty, staff, and community members.

The Lifelong wellness Program is designed to help employees start a physical activity program, increase the effectiveness of a current program, or develop skills to expand physical activity into new areas.  

Why should I enroll?

  • Benefits to the individual
  • Improved health
  • Increased energy
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Benefits the University

How does the program work?

  1. Fill out an Registration form for the program.  Registration forms are available on a link in the upper right of this webpage (wellness and conversation Spanish app) or from the HPE department, 
  2. Please return registration forms to Aggriculture Building 114, station 11; OR
    • At this time, employees are granted additional tuition waivers for this program.  
    • At this time, you may enroll in a Lifelong Wellness Program in addition to the one class normally allowed on the tuition waiver. 
  3. Record each physical activity session; this may be recorded in the MaxPAC in Greyhound Arena, in the Natatorium, or from a computer station.  (We provide a calendar in print form and as an Excel document.
  4. The calendars are due the Friday before finals, and they will be graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory.  To earn an "S" participants need to complete 32 sessions (at least 30 minutes each - see qualifications of activity below) throughout the semester for the 1 credit program or 48 sessions for the 2 credit program. In the summer, the number of sessions changes to 16 for the 1 credit program and 24 for the 2 credit program. [If you are unable to reach that goal by the end of the semester, you will receive an "unsatisfactory."]


When can we participate in this program?

Employees may participate on their own time in any of the activities. This will require approval by the immediate supervisor and coordination with others in the department to ensure that we take care of University business.

What qualifies as a physical activity for this program?

  • Most planned physical activity will qualify (see list of Choices of Activities).
  • The physical activity you choose should be approved by this program.

Choices of activities

  1. Walking/Jogging
  2. Health-Related Physical Activites- Including but not limited to Household Chores
  3. Swimming, Tennis, Raquet Sports, Basketball, etc.- On campus Facilities available to all members
  4. HPE Activity Classes- Include Tai Chi, Stretch and Balance, Aqua Aerobics, Weight Training, etc. 



  1. MaxPAC-Faculty and staff priority noon to 1 pm- HPE 124 priority during classes- "Slow Times" 6am- 11am
  2. Lobby of Greyhound Arena- Indoor walking
  3. Outdoor track (no pets or strollers, please)
  4. Natatoriumlap swim occurs midday and early evening
  5. Tennis Courts (on campus)- HPE 138 has priority - Inquire about tennis group at
  6. Raquet Sports (in gym)- Faculty and staff have priority from noon to 1 p.m.- HPE 103 has priority during class times
  7. BasketballFaculty and staff have priority from noon to 1 p.m. (other times priority falls to Greyhound Basketball teams and intramurals)


Links to ENMU walking maps are provided under "Quick Links"

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