Microsoft Software Technical Training Resources (A mix of tutorials applicable to Windows and Apple) Microsoft Software Technical Training Resources (A mix of tutorials applicable to Windows and Apple)


How to Install Microsoft Office on Your Personal Computer

Top 5 General Shortcut keys for Windows & Macs (and some extras)

MS Teams:

   Teams Download Location (Select For Desktop & then Teams for work or school)

FERPA compliance tips in the context of MS Teams (You are strongly encouraged to read this!)

   How to Join a Scheduled Teams Meeting

   Using Teams for Calls

How to create MS Teams class meetings

   How to use Teams for small group projects

   Tutorial on how to utilize the files and folders capabilities of MS Teams

   How to use Teams channels

   How to Screen Share in Teams Meetings

   Remote collaboration capabilities with colleagues

   How to use Microsoft Teams as an All-in-One Solution

   ENMU Teams Etiquette Guide

   How to Archive a Teams Group

   Teams online meeting capabilities

   Using Teams Webinars

   Using Teams Live Events

   How to use Teams Video Backgrounds

   MS Teams Introductory Overview Part 1

   MS Teams Introductory Overview Part 2

   MS Teams Introductory Overview / Onboarding Video Tutorials Playlist


One Drive:

   Introduction to One Drive

   One Drive File Upload and Sharing Tutorial

   One Drive on your Desktop Tutorial

   How to ‘Map' MS Teams FileTabs-SharePoint to a ‘Drive'

   How to securely transmit physical signatures and other documents digitally

   How to migrate L Drives to OneDrive


   Tutorial -- Junk Email Folder

   Tutorial -- How to set Outlook as your Mac's Default Mail Client

   Outlook 2019 Beginners Guide

   How to Add Mailing Groups to Outlook

   How to create your email signature in Web Outlook

   How to share a Calendar

   Calendar Getting Started Overview

   Data Management

   Comprehensive Outlook Tutorial


Microsoft Forms:

   MS Forms Comprehensive Tutorial


Microsoft Planner:

   Introduction to Microsoft Planner

   Best Practices for Microsoft Planner


Microsoft Excel:

   Microsoft Excel 2019 - Full Tutorial for Beginners in 17 MINUTES!

   Excel Comprehensive Introductory Tutorial

   Excel useful advanced features

   Excel Functions by Category

Microsoft Word:

   Microsoft Word - Tutorial for Beginners in 13 MINUTES! [ 2022 version ]

   10 new features in Microsoft Word in 2021

   Using Word to manage citations

   How to Print Envelopes in Microsoft Word

   How to use multiple columns in Microsoft Word

   Word Tutorial

Microsoft OneNote:

    OneNote video training

Microsoft PowerPoint:

   PowerPoint Tutorial

Microsoft Operating Systems Tutorials:

   Introduction to Windows 10

   Shortcut Keys for Windows 10

Microsoft's Tutorials:

   Office 365 Training Videos

   Video trainings collection of Microsoft software on Apple

   Official Microsoft Trainings




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